There are three ways by which you can earn XP on our platform.

Connecting a Wallet

The first and simplest step that you might have already done is creating an account on our platform. You need to connect your wallet to sign up.


We provide four wallets to connect — Rainbow, Coinbase, MetaMask, and WalletConenct. Select the wallet you have and complete the procedure. If you don’t have one, click on Get a Wallet to create a new wallet.


Once you do this for the first time, your account will be rewarded with 3XP.

<aside> 🦉 Connecting to a wallet for the first time gives 3XP to the user.


Having 3XP on your profile allows you to vote on projects. Start doing it now!

Completing a Profile

As your wallet is connected, you can start doing a few more things on the platform, like editing your profile.

Everything except the tagline and connecting your GitHub account is mandatory. We just ask for basic information that will help everyone to know you better and reach out to you.


Kudos on updating your information! This helps everyone else in the community to know more about you. You will be asked to tweet about being a community member of The Dapp List.

A prompt will appear asking you to verify your identity. Click Tweet to Verify to do so. It will take you to your Twitter feed with a prefilled text. Tweet it without making any changes. Copy the tweet’s link, paste it on the updated prompt, and click Verify.

Two things happen when we verify the tweet: your The Dapp List profile also gets verified, and you earn 7XP in your profile.

Slide 16_9 - 1tdl-tweet-steps.png

<aside> 🦉 You can get 7XP by updating your profile and tweeting about it.


Vote on projects