Navigating through the Web3 ecosystem is difficult. Builders are putting enormous effort into building products and looking for exposure. At the same time, the community is looking for new projects to explore. There are so many hurdles between the two.

We connect both of them via Launchpad!

🚀 Empowering the next generation of innovative Web3 projects!

‘Launchpad’ by The Dapp List is an accelerator for early-stage Web3 projects. Projects can gain traction, kickstart user onboarding, and create a network around them by showcasing them to the community.

Who are we?

The Dapp List is a community-governed project discovery platform for Web3. We strive to bridge the gap between the two essential pillars of growing any project at scale: Builders and the Community!

With Launchpad, we help you with the initial discovery and distribution of your project. We take your vision to the public. We conduct various activities and host events that help the community to understand your project.

What can you expect?

As a project builder, you can leverage Launchpad to spread the word about your project. We provide the momentum to gain initial traction for your project. We conduct various activities and events throughout the week to make the community aware of different aspects of your project.

Here is everything we do during and after the launch of your product:

  1. Product launch: We will start with the launch on The Dapp List. It is just the start of the week-long celebration of your project.
  2. Twitter Spaces & Podcast: We host a Twitter Space inviting folks working on your project and discussing topics around your project’s core idea. We then publish the recording as a podcast on Spotify.
  3. Demo video: We record a video demonstrating your project and upload it on our YouTube channel.
  4. ELI5 blog: We write a detailed blog that dives deep into your project and explains various aspects in detail. Later we tweet a thread on the same topic.
  5. After-launch activities: We continue to stay in touch with you and conduct different activities for your project.
  6. Founders exclusive events: We host exclusive events for project founders where they can network with other founders and learn from experts.
  7. Post-launch support: We also cover major launches and releases once your project is launched with us. We share exciting news and announcements about your project with our community.

Launching your project through Launchpad becomes the first milestone for your project. You get an opportunity to build a network and community around your project. The community provides insights on improving the project and helps decide the future roadmap to success. This initial boost will set you on a path to further growth and development.

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