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<aside> ✳️ Carv aims at the creation of a user-owned gaming identity. Carv has designed a credential issuing system, the 'Carv Protocol,' to connect the layers of Web3 games with users' authorization and allow achievement display, the discovery of games and friends, direct monetization, and mobility.

Users get access to a dashboard with detailed game statistics, leaderboards, unified scores, and sophisticated insights and recommendations on this protocol.


Carv’s Mission

<aside> ✳️ Carv is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the mission to build a user-owned gaming identity that enables achievement display, friends & games discovery, direct monetization, and can be brought anywhere.


Carv Products



$ARC Token

The $ARC Token is the Carv ecosystem's incentive currency. This universal cryptocurrency may be used to allow game developers, guilds, owners of gaming NFT assets, players, and investors to trade value.

The following will be done with the $ARC token: